miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Eden Games in the heart of Atari

As you probably know, Eden Games is the only internal studio of Atari.

Well, last November 7th, Eden Games has moved and now it is located in the heart of Atari in Lyon, France. It is just besides Electronics Arts.

So now, we are in the middle of a beautiful complex where the buildings seem to be boats parked in a port (just look at the picture).

Offices are now open-space style which I think is a good thing since it is easier to share ideas... however, we have lost the intimity of the 3person offices... But that is not all that we have lost, now I have to walk for 1 hour to get there and we don't have free drinks in the building anymore :(

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  1. 1 hour walking? you should be happy... you don't even need to go on a diet anymore! :)

  2. hehe right !

    1 hour to go there and 1 hour to go back...

    just that at the end of the morning I am totally death.. so in the afternoon I am a real zombi !!


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