domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

Cesar's reasons to get the XBox360

Yeah, yeah, yeah !!! just look at the picture on the left !! it is my new little toy !

Yes, it is almost one month that I've got an XBOX 360. After quite a while of time thinking what to choose between an XBOX 360 and and a PlayStation 3, I have finally decided to choose an XBOX360.

I have only two games: Assasins's creed and GTA IV -special edition - great games !!

These are my reasons:

1) XBox is cheaper than a PS3.
2) Performance is almost equal between the XBox360 and PS3.
3) I don't care about BlueRay's PS3. BlueRay discs are more expensive than normal DVD's.
4) I am happy with the 60GB of the XBox 360. I am not a crazy film-game demo downloader. I don't need all the memory that the PS3 has.
5) When I was working at NaturalMotion, I've got GTA IV -special edition -for XBox360 for free, since I was part of the Euphoria team developper... So actually, I had already an XBox360 game.
6) Most of the people I know (except from my nephews that got the PS3) have a XBox 360, so I can share the videogames with them.

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