sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Fast update

Yes, I have not been very ofter writting posts here... well, I will try to arrange that.  I have been very busy lately, extremely.. for those becoming dads will know the short nights. Anyway, some bits of updates
  • I finished my reviews for SIGGRAPH 2010. In fact, you don't get paid for do it but it is always good the review high quality papers (mostly) and it is also good for your self esteem. Here is the link for the SIGGRAPH of this year.
  • I have just finished a book chapter which will be published this year. The editor is Gino Van den Bergen and the publisher is AK Peters. That took me much time of my nights. I will give you more details as soon as I know.
  • I have been fixing my GJK + EPA collision detection algorithm. In fact, I have wrote a post on that, but much tuning is required to make it work fine. I will give details on this in a different post.
  • I have started working with Kd-trees for occlusion, visibility and other related problems. I will let you know more about this in other post as well.

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  1. hello!

    I downdoaded your ppt about 3d modeling in your main web site. I founded very interesting and usufull. Im an architect and I have been taking some time to review some info about this subject...can u recomend me some introductory book? Thanks


    Marianela Porraz

    ...por cierto...arriba mexico! (soy mexicana)...y no se porque no escibi en español...pa la proxima...

  2. Hola Marianela !
    Que tal ? De que parte de México me escribes ?

    Pues para poderte recomendar un buen libro, necesito saber el enfoque o la aplicación que le piensas dar. Algún tema en particular?

    y cierto, arriba México


  3. Marianela,

    Puedes tambien mandarme un email para que te responda mas rápidamente. CESAR

  4. Hola

    Pues mira, me interesa particularmente la modelizacion por aspectos de documentacion del patrimonio arquitectonico. He estado tomando cursos a distancia sobre modelar 3d con nubes de puntos de escaner laser (faro photon) y queria adentrarme bastante mas en el tema.
    Vivo en Merida, Yucatan.
    Mi mail es marianelaporraz@gmail.com




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